Get ready for a theological adventure!

Process theology provides a lively and adventurous vision of  God, humankind, spirituality, and the world in which we live. Process theology describes a living God, involved as our guide and inspiration each moment of the day and throughout our life-span. God treasures our lives, embraces the non-human world as beloved, and inspires us to explore an adventure of ideas and initiatives aimed at healing the world and enhancing human experience. According to process theologians, God is the fellow sufferer who understands, intimately feeling our pain and responding to our impact on God’s own life. God is also the creative celebrant who shares our joys and attempts to  transform the world.

  • Process theologians believe that the future is open.
  • God is not coercive, nor does God act in a unilateral fashion.
  • God is the heart of the universe whose power and activity empowers our own freedom and creativity.
  • God wants – and needs us – to be companions in bringing beauty, justice, and love to our world.