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Process Theology and Mysticism Trilogy on Pre-Order

I am a prophet of process theospirituality: the affirmation that spirituality and theology emerge in dynamic interdependence.

Bruce Epperly, Process Theology and Mysticism, p. 8 (pre-order)

These three books by Dr. Bruce Epperly are scheduled to ship about December 5, 2023. Due to a combination of pre-order and Black Friday/Cyber Monday pricing, each book is $4.24 with quantity discounts available.

Learn more on Energion Direct:

Bruce Epperly on Jesus: Mystic, Healer, and Prophet

Bruce Epperly is an Energion author, with many books from other publishers as well.

Poetry Superior to Philosophy and Theology

Jay McDaniel posts ten reasons poetry is superior to philosophy and theology.

Of course we need philosophy, too. And theology as well. But wouldn’t it be nice if, sometimes, philosophers and theologians alike thought more poetically?

Open Horizons

Check out the rest of his post. It’s fascinating!

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