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Comments by Bruce Epperly.

Key quote:

What does it mean to have the power to become a child of God?  How is this power reflected?  How do we embrace this power for ourselves and our congregations?  Surely when we open to divine possibility, new energies emerge in our lives; we become more creative and hospitable; we are freed from the solitary self to join with God’s ubiquitous and dynamic self, flowing in and through all creation.  Let us open to divine power and ask God to guide our use of it as God’s companions in bringing joy to the world!

From Open Horizons (by John Cobb). A quote:

When the nation fails to participate responsibly in the larger family, especially when it acts in ways that are deeply harmful to others and to the larger whole, love of nation requires efforts to change its behavior and, as a minimum, to protest. True patriotism will say that “I love my country right or wrong.” It does not say that I will obey the national leadership “right or wrong.”

Episode 16 “What Is Salvation?”

Episode 16 — “The Meaning of Salvation”

This podcast is the first of several we are devoting to the meaning of salvation. This separates many Christian communities today, even as it has throughout the millennia. It also determines our politics. How we look at who’s in and who’s out forms our basic outlook toward the world. Conservatives see salvation as an individual concern, often placing major emphasis on the life to come. Others, such as Dr. Epperly and myself, find salvation to be much more inclusive and holistic.  We see the biblical understanding to be weighted in favor of life in the “here and now”, more than what may be beyond this life.  This episode looks into the implications of each understanding.

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