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A Journey with Job – 1

Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of the book Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job, will be providing some comments to help you preach and teach the passages from this important book during the month of October. Here is his first video.


From The Adventurous Lectionary.  The book referenced is Holistic Spirituality.

Where Is Lived Experience in Whitehead (from Open Horizons).

Your Are a Mystic

You are a mystic, even if you don’t know it now! God is whispering in your ear, quietly guiding your steps, and shaping your life (mostly unconsciously) in ways you can’t currently imagine or discern.

Read more from Bruce Epperly at Living a Holy Adventure.

Welcome to Adventure!

Energion Publications, advised by author Dr. Bruce Epperly, manages this new site. We will post more about our goals, but for now, we will just start posting good thoughts, links, and information on process theology. We take the word “adventure” from Bruce’s writing, and especially from the title of his short introduction to process theology in our Topical Line Drives series, Process Theology: Embracing Adventure with God.

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